April Fools’.. Just Kidding!

april fools day

“I gathered the team together for this morning’s huddle and broke the news that we just received the WORST negative online review. As I read from the review – ‘The front desk was incredibly rude… the hygienist had no patience for my child.. the treatment plan estimate was incomprehensible…’ I could feel everyone’s heart well up with sorrow and see in their faces an expression of utter disbelief.

And then I blurted, ‘APRIL FOOLS’!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAAA!!!’

An instant burst of laughter, mixed with sighs of relief came from the team. Then, the immediate desire for each of them to wring my neck. :D

It’s these moments that remind me of what a lucky gal I am to work with such an awesome group of people; They take such great pride, care, and joy in what they do. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Happy April Fools’ Day, Friends!” – Dr. Jackie :)

PS. You can read the actual review HERE.

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